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Coffee Amo – Caramels covered in chocolate

in four flavors: Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino and Irish coffee
Packing: 100g/ 1.6 kg

After Party – Mint chocolate-coated sweets

Packing: 100g/ 1.6 kg

Debiut – Chocolate-coated sweets filled with orange and cherry filling

Packing: 200g

Chocolate covered fruits:

blackcurrants, cranberries, hazelnuts and raisins
Packing: 90g

Love – bonbons

with 4 flavors: orange, bananas, pineapple and strawberries
Packing: 100g/ 2 kg

Gabbi – hard bonbons with mint, fruit flavors or ICE filling

Packing: 90g

Jogusie – caramels with yogurt and fruit filling

Packing: 100g/ 1kg / 3 kg

Musss – hard bonbons with fizzy filling

Packing: 100g/ 1kg / 3 kg

Pszczolki – hard bonbons with natural honey filling

Packing: 200g/ 1kg / 3 kg